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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 1, Winter 1983

Subscription Notice

Dear Friends,

They say the learning is in the doing and we now believe that to be an accurate statement, because once again we have an editorial change to announce.

The Tracker Newsletter will be published four times a year instead of six. It will come out with the seasons, and each issue will be jam-packed with timely, seasonal information. We've given this a great deal of thought, and all of us here at the Tracker Farm agree that this new idea is the best way to go. Why have six small issues when four large ones can tell it all! There will be a reduction in subscription fee that will benefit all of you, our dear friends, and a reduction in work for us.

Now for the confusing part (the old god news-bad news routine). For you folks who paid for six issues, we will see that you get six. Example: If you paid $18 and have only received three issues, you will get the next three before you need renew your subscription. At that time your new rate will be $16 for the next year (four issues). We will notify you by mail when you’re due for your renewal.

We firmly believe you will all be pleased.

Remember, we like and need your input, so keep in touch.

All good medicine,
The Tracker Family

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