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Websites to Contact Tracker School Students

  • The Tracker Directory - A directory of Tracker Students, by the Edmonton Area Trackers
  • The Tracker Gallery - A Swiss Tracker, Juli, has created a "Tracker Gallery" on the Internet.  All Tracker students are invited to join.  Basically it is a database of Tracker students.  You have the opportunity to list yourself, add your photo, and list what classes you have taken. The purpose is to provide a place where Tracker students can link up with each other.
  • For more websites, see the Links page on this website.


Online Groups (at Yahoo Groups)
for Tracker School Students

If you are a graduate of any Tracker School class and would like to join an online community of your fellow graduates then you qualify.

Only class graduates will be admitted to each community. The exception is the Tracker School group - anyone can join that one.  Once you join the community the Tracker School will check your name against their database.  This is not an automated verification system and your approval may take several days before they get a chance to verify your class information. You will receive an email notification once you are accepted into a community.  Please be sure to register with using the same first and last name you've used at the Tracker School to take your classes.

These communities are private and restricted (except the Tracker School one).

Click on the links below to join a community.
Once you've joined a community you can click on its link to go easily and directly to it.

Other Related Online Groups
(at Yahoo Groups)

Groups focused on Tracker Students

  • Alberta Trackers - Alberta (Canada) - Open to all Tracker School, Kamana, and Wes Gietz (Awareness) students who live in Alberta, and are devoted to developing their nature skills.
  • North Jersey Trackers - northern New Jersey (USA) - This group is dedicated to obtaining "dirt time," sharing survival-related knowledge, tracking, and providing a gathering place for those in the northern New Jersey area (as well as friends and colleagues in nearby areas, such as New York State, central NJ, and eastern PA). We also support the vision of Tom Brown, Jr. and his Tracker School.
  • Woodland Trackers - Washington & Maryland area (USA) - Long ago native peoples all over the world read the stories written in the sand. This is the old knowledge that we wish to learn and perserve. The purpose of our group is to learn / teach tracking, awareness, nature observation and primitive skills (Primarily Tracking). Our main teachers have been Tom Brown Jr. Jon Young and Charles Worsham.
  • Eastern MA Trackers - Massachusetts (USA) - This group is dedicated to sharing survival-related knowledge, organizing "dirt time" sessions, and providing a gathering place for those in the eastern Massachusetts area (as well as friends and colleagues in nearby areas). We support the vision of Tom Brown, Jr. and the Tracker School.
  • Caretaker Society (for more info visit The Earth Caretaker website)
  • Political Tracker - Discussing political issues that relate to the world events and the end times
  • Shaman Tracker Network - For all those in the U.S. interested in experiential shamanism and in meeting outdoors to train in wilderness survival and the development of an earth-centered and healing spiritual path, this is a place to meet your human allies. We welcome people of all ethnicities, creeds, sexual orientations, and background provided you have a sincere desire to learn the sacred path of the shaman, to train with others in the outdoors, and communicate in loving and respectful conversations online. Welcome friends!
    As "trackers," we track animals in the wild, learning their habits, lessons, and medicine. We also track energies of the earth, of healing, and of Spirit. "Tracking," thus, embraces many different levels of spiritual practice. To help one another walk on all of these levels in life is the aim of this group.

Other Tracker-related Online Forums
(not at Yahoo)

  • Tracker's Den - Started and hosted by Dan Caspian:
    "I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I attended my first Tracker School class in May of 2002...the Standard. I am always looking to learn more, and meet other Trackers, which is why I created this bulletin board."
  • Prepare Today - Survive Tomorrow - Moderated by Dan Caspian:
    "Welcome to our little haven where we learn and share our knowledge of survival skills, self-reliance, and other skills necessary to overcome and survive possible natural or manmade disasters, civil unrest or war, economic collapse, and other unforeseen events that may occur. Join us on our quest for liberty and freedom as we prepare today to survive tomorrow."


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