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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 1, Winter 1983

We're All Instructors
Steve & Lynn McDowell

When we attended our Standard Class we remembered hearing Tom say, "We are going to learn more from you than you are from us", and thinking, "Sure, we're going to teach you". Believe us, it's true. You are all very special and have given us many gifts since we began helping instruct part-time at the school.

We learn by watching others learn the skills. We pick up new techniques we hadn't thought of. We see attitudes towards things that work and ones that don't. We gain confidence in our own skills by sharing some experience we have learned - on our own and being able to see it work for you. But most of all, it's your friendship that makes it all worthwhile. We hear people say it would be great to be an instructor for the school. We guess you don't realize everyone is. We learn from you and you from us. By practicing the skills at home and sharing them with people around you, it helps them see Earth Mother in a different way.

It seems whenever we practice the bow drill in our backyard, the neighbors come by wondering what that strange noise is and end up trying it themselves.

When you spend time in the woods and can relax into the flow to see animals and the beauty of nature, you start to notice more. By sharing these things it can show other people how much more there is to life, and help them see what they are missing.

We want to thank everyone we’ve met for how you've touched our lives so incredibly much, and for letting us touch yours. We hope you will also share what you have learned with the people around you. It's a great feeling!

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