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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 1, Winter 1983

Intro from Tom Brown Jr.

Dear Student,

I hope that you have enjoyed the last edition of the newsletter with its changed format and the increased information that we have added. This new tabloid format has given us more room to expand on information, skills, and new techniques of survival, tracking, nature awareness, and the various Native American and primitive skills.

In future issues I hope to double the size of the newsletter, adding a number of regular features, that will appear every issue, dealing with the areas the student wants to know the most about. Medicinal and edible plants, wild edible cooking, tracking techniques, and new primitive skills will be just a few of the areas we hope to expand upon in future issues.

I hope to also get outside sources and people to expound on their particular skill and explain how to do it. One of the areas I would like to see is birchbark canoe building, which will be written by an old Native American gentlemen. Other articles would include: baskets and mats, rug weaving, pottery, and cordage clothing, all written by people I consider the best at that particular field and skill.

I would like to see more reader and student input - sending in stories, experiences in survival, tracking, or mastering skills, poetry, photographs, and anything else that you think would teach or be interesting to our readers. Eventually, we hope to have a trade good and want ad section where we all can list things we want to trade or sell.

I am looking forward to a good 1983 season, hoping that the newsletter grows to new heights. With your help and stories, we will make it the best.

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