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This website has no official or informal connection to the Tracker School or Tom Brown Jr. whatsoever.

Some classes at the Tracker School are held at the Primitive Camp in the Pine Barrens. These usually include all of the Scout classes, Advanced Tracking, Advanced Standard, Tom's Ultimate, Grandfather, Expert Tracking, and others. Other classes often take fields trips to the camp for all or part of a day.

This is the main lecture hall at the camp. This one was built in 2001.

The former structures were known as the "Thuinderdome", because of the tremendous sound of rain on the plastic roof.

The "Thunderdome" was replaced by a large army tent a couple of years ago, followed by the current structure.

Inside the lecture hall.
A view of the lecture hall from the woods at the rear.
Looking out from the front of the lecture hall, towards the school store and first aid station (to the right).
Looking up the road that comes in to the Tracker camp. This is outside the front of the lecture hall.
More pictures of the Tracker Primitive Camp may be found on the EarthCaretaker website, in the Nov 2001 Caretaker class section. 

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These photos were taken at the Caretaker class in Nov 2001
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