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The flint-knapping area.  It's important to have all of this work take place in a relatively small, confined area, due to the sharp stone and glass flakes that are produced.

The lecture hall is in the background.  

On the right is a work area, sort of an open air shed.

To the left is the drinking water supply, fed by a hand pump. Drinking water is no longer obtained from the swim areas.


The kitchen.

The path leads down to the swim areas.  

Looking back up the path towards the kitchen (just barely visible to the left).

To the right is another work area.


Here are pictures from a sit area that is located upstream from the swim areas. A very nice, peaceful spot. The water level is very low this year (2001).

More pictures of the Tracker Primitive Camp may be found on the Earth Caretaker website, in the Nov 2001 Caretaker class section. 

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These photos were taken at the Caretaker class in Nov 2001
Copyright Walter Muma


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