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The Culvert area is familiar to anyone who has taken the Advanced Tracking, Scout, Grandfather, or Caretaker classes, as well as a few others.

In these 4 pages are shown some of the beauty as well as the destruction of this area.


The "Culvert" refers to the crossing of a beautiful Pine Barrens stream here, even though in recent years there was no culvert. 

The main road is along an old railroad grade. Back when Tom Brown and his friend Rick were young, the old railroad grade was apparently a narrow path overhung with trees, so it was like a long tunnel through the forest.

How times have changed!

Recently (in 2001) a culvert has been reinstalled here. Prior to that, the stream flowed freely across the road.

This is a picture of the stream that flows east from the Culvert.

This stream was worked on by the Caretaker class of November 2001. The next picture shows the "after".


After the Caretaker class of November 2001 has worked on the stream.

What they have done is straightened out to make it look more natural. This will help to make it look less inviting for someone to drive along it. 

Nearby the Culvert a new ATV trail has recently been opened up. It heads straight down an embankment and into the forest. 

These are students in the November 2001 Caretaker class exploring the beginning of this trail.

There was not even the hint of a trail here in 1998.

The next 4 pictures show this new trail.


To create this trail, the ATV'ers simply plowed through the bush!
Once one or two use it, many more follow, firmly ingraining the trail into the forest.

Once this path has been established, it is difficult to eradicate.

Here is the beginning of the trail, looking back to where the class was walking down in the first picture (above).
And here is a close-up picture of the destruction that such a trail can cause.

The Caretaker class of November 2001 closed up the entrance to this trail. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the results!


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These photos were taken at the Caretaker class in Nov 2001
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