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Right beside the stream that exits east from the Culvert area is this new road. It was likely made by monster trucks, and goes straight into the swamp.
On the other side, this is just starting to be opened up as a road.


The above new road leads into this area shown here.

This used to be a series of shallow ponds, probably with nice marsh grasses along the edges.

The fallen trees have been placed there in an attempt to prevent or slow down ATVs and 4x4 trucks. 

At the Culvert, two small patches of trees cling to existence....for how long??

Yet there is still beauty....on the other side of the Culvert (to the west).

But again, for how long??? 

The cut off trees show that this is far from a virgin wilderness. 

But Nature can recover, perhaps more quickly with some help. 


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These photos were taken at the Caretaker class in Nov 2001
Copyright Walter Muma


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