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Tracker School Class Summaries

This website has no official or informal connection to the Tracker School or Tom Brown Jr. whatsoever

These are summaries of courses or parts of courses, by people who have attended the courses, or by instructors.  These may be useful to help you decide on whether a particular class is for you, or just to get an overview of what the class is all about.  Or bring back memories if you have taken a particular class.

"In my mind there are only four things people seek in life - peace, love, joy, and purpose - and these can only be found within ourselves. ... We must teach children to savour every moment and to follow goals directed by their hearts, not their minds or their wallets.  They must learn to live by their intuition, not the dictates of external 'shoulds' and social demands."   
(Tom Brown, Jr. ; Field Guide to Nature and Survival for Children )

List of most of the classes taught at the Tracker School (not up to date)

  • Standard

  • Advanced Standard

  • Advanced Skills

  • Expert Standard

  • 10-Day Winter

  • Winter 1

  • Winter 2

  • 7-Day Winter Survival

  • Advanced Tracking and Nature Observation

  • Expert Tracking

  • Intensive Tracking Workshop

  • Spirit Tracking

  • Scout

  • Scout Philosophy

  • Advanced Scout

  • Way of the Scout

  • Basic Scout Protector

  • Advanced Scout Protector

  • Spiritual Scout Protection (new in fall 2003)

  • Philosophy Workshop

  • Philosophy 1

  • Philosophy 2

  • Philosophy 3

  • Philosophy 4

  • Philosophy 5

  • Philosophy 6

  • Razor's Edge

  • Prophecy

  • Advanced Awareness

  • Expert Awareness

  • Healing

  • Edible & Medicinal Plants

  • Grandfather

  • Grandfather's Way

  • Way of the Coyote

  • Tom's Ultimate

  • Nature

  • Caretaker

  • Search and Rescue

  • Tom's Class

This website has no official or informal connection to the Tracker School or Tom Brown Jr. whatsoever


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