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Suggested and recommended music that may be of interest to those who are into wilderness survival, tracking, nature, Native Indian culture and issues, and environmental issues.

Native Indian

  • Raindance: In the Solitudes series, this is a unique and wonderful blend of native Indian music and nature sounds.  See the Solitudes website at www.solitudes.com.
  • Buffy Ste. Marie:  Famous Native woman singer from the 60s, she's still around with her biting songs about the state of the world.  She "takes no prisoners".  On the Internet, see www.aloha.net/~bsm   and Vanguard Records at: www.vanguardrecords.com/buffy.
  • Winston Wutunee - Handsome Warrior:  This is his best album, and features an interesting song about him flying with a flock of migrating geese in the spring.  He captures the joy and expectation that geese must have as they fly north.
  • Kashtin:  These two incredibly dynamic musicians are no longer together.  Most of the songs on their 3 albums are in their native Indian language.  Their album titles are: Kashtin, Innu, Akua Tuta.
    Kashtin member Claude MacKenzie has put out an album on his own, which is just as good as Kashtin' (see dropd.com/issue/47/CD/McKenzie for more info).

  • R. Carlos Nakai:  Native American flute music.  Some of his albums tend away from pure flute music, though, mixing jazz, piano, and other things.   Internet link:  www.indianmarket.net/nakai.html
  • David Campbell:  An Ararwak Indian, his albums may be hard to find now.  He was popular in the 70s and early 80s.  A simple clear vocal style mixed with meaningful lyrics.  Album titles include: Pretty Brown, Song, Through Arawak Eyes...
  • Susan Aglukark:  An Inuk (Inuit) woman from Canada's arctic, she touches on personal healing, the Innu way of life, and Nature.  See her official web site at www.chatsubo.com/aglukark.


  • Solitudes:  These CDs come in 2 flavours:
        1.  Pure nature sounds, whether they be birds & animals, or ocean surf and storms.
        2.  Nature sounds mixed with music.  The success of this mixing varies, from exceptional to mediocre.
    Generally they are all very relaxing.
    See the Solitudes website at www.solitudes.com.

Environmental & Social Issues, and related topics

  • Walkin' Jim Stoltz
    He spends a considerable amount of his time hiking in the wilderness, then travels around the U.S. giving benefit concerts for environmental organisations.  His lyrics are almost always focussed on Nature and environmental issues.  He accompanies his music with his own spectaular slide show.  Don't miss him if he is performing somewhere that you can get to!  Check out his web site at: www.walkinjim.com.
  • Loreena McKennitt - Elemental:
    This album has what may be the oldest known environmental song on it, "Bonny Portmore", which is a lament for a forest that was cut down in England hundreds of years ago.  For information about Loreena on the Internet, see:
      -- "A Tribute to Loreena McKennitt" at ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/leefamily/loreena.htm
      -- Warner Brothers Records site: www.wbr.com/mckennitt
      -- The Quinlan Road website (her own record label) at www.quinlanroad.com
  • Peter Yarrow:  Formerly the "Peter" of Peter, Paul and Mary (the folksong group of the 60s and 70s), on his own he too focusses on often hidden social and other issues of our world.


  • Bill Miller
    "I have been a fan of Bill Miller for several years and have most of his albums. His webpage pretty much details where he comes from, "heritage" etc... It also offers snippets of his music and shows his artwork. He goes from the country/folk side (Art of Survival and Reservation Road) to the rock side (Raven in the Snow)to the "new agey" side(flute music, Ghost Dance, Native Suite) throughout his catalog. He is one of the most amazing gutarists I have ever heard or seen. He does have, in some of his music, a "Christian" message as that is also who he is but there is more than enough reverance for the earth and his heritage within his music. Check it out. http://www.billmiller.net/
    Review by Scott Matula "Koyote"

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