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Medicine Waters

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The "Medicine Waters" area is referred to by Tom Brown Jr. in his books. The name for this area is his.


This website has no official or informal connection to the Tracker School or Tom Brown Jr. whatsoever.


These are the Medicine Waters

  This is how it looked in years past

A pristine, deep, swift-flowing Pinelands stream.  In some places the water is over your head.

Grasses wave in the current. 

The water is cold and refreshing.  In past years you could drink your fill as you swam.


But that's not what most people see today when they visit the Medicine Waters.

Instead, they see the following:

View downstream from the beach 
(towards the left)

View upstream from the beach 
(towards the right)

Where are the grasses?  Where is the deep, swift-flowing current?  All we see is a relatively shallow stream filled with sand and gravel.
And off to the left of the main beach, right near the water's edge...A newly made ATV trail.

Welcome to the Medicine Waters of today.

This is a view looking toward the beach: 
A vast expanse of sand and gravel, with nothing growing or living in it. A true desert.

When Tom Brown was young there was just a small trail that led through here down to the stream. On the bank of the stream was a little sand beach.

The trail isn't so small any more!

What has brought about this catastrophic change? 


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These photos were taken at the Caretaker class in Nov 2001
Copyright Walter Muma


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