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In the Tracks of the Tracker magazine - Fall 1993

Tracking A Vision
Diane Gibbons

As a child of solitude I felt you
in shadow of light and mist,
in the songs and pain of the land,
You, the purpose of my heart's wild beating
Prowling around me.

As a youth I asked your name,
and in time I heard your voice.
Your name was spoken
as a breath of wind blowing through my soul.

As a young woman your father stalked me.
In a flash of intimate brilliance
I saw his face.
I looked at everything encircling me in the multiple veils
and knew that the light of his eyes sparked in All.

Then, it was time for the labor.

I groaned and cried, my body giving way to new life.
I laughed,
and there you were.
Born of flesh and spirit, form and formless,
and you grew.

Now I tend your world.
I join with the laborers who work with you,
your energy given away and returned a thousand times a day,
and I watch as you sleep in the night
surrounded by coyote, bear, eagle and the yellow-eyed wolf.

Today I saw your mark in the worm, brown Earth
and gently placed my hand over it.
I remembered our oneness and rejoiced.
Beneath my hand was a track of the Great Spirit's child,
the Manifested Vision.

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