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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 1, Winter 1983

Gift of the Seasons
Eric Heline
Fall…brings many changes now…
Harvest time, apples and nuts
The shorn stalks of corn fall to the plow
(Lots of new leaves for the huts!)

The main flocks of geese have now gone past…
The locals stills winging about -
These warm, sunny days much longer won't last,
A bit more corn for the trip, no doubt.

The herons no longer visit the pond…
A lone little snapper still pokes through the mud
With which he will soon form his own bond
To sleep till the maples open their buds.

All of Creation now takes a pause
From the scurryings of winter's preparations
To ponder and accept the Great Spirit's laws
And give thanks for the gifts of the seasons.

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