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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 2, Feb 1982

(Obviously these are not available from the Tracker School today (2000) since this magazine was published in 1982!  This material is reproduced here purely for interest of what Tracker merchandise was available back then.)
Tracker Wares
Dear Friends: AT LAST! We have finally got it together. Here is the first (but not last) collection of wares you have asked for. These are the items that seem to be in the most demand, but look for more selections in upcoming issues of The Tracker. Please let us know of any additional items you would like to see available in this section of the newsletter.

      We now offer two styles of capotes. They are both made of an entire Hudson-Bay four point blanket, the highest quality blanket on the market. The capote features a large hood complete with tails that can be pulled over the face to protect your head in severe conditions. The large cuff can also be rolled down to cover the hands for extra warmth. Each capote comes with a tie belt to hold it closed, and two large patch pockets. All seams are double or triple stitched for added durability. The full length capote reaches to just below the knee for maximum protection while the shorter hits at mid-thigh to allow for freedom of movement, for those who will be wearing the coat In more active situations.
    Custom orders can be placed if you wish. Double backing, sheepskin lining, and fringe are some examples. The cost of customizing will vary depending upon what needs to be done. Please allow an extra 2-3 weeks for custom orders.
    Colors: scarlet, green, sky blue, multi-stripe
    Sizes: S (40-42), M (44-48). L (50-52)
    Cost: Full length-$165; short length-$155


Also available are form-fitted, custom made Hudson Bay blanket leggings and apron. These are made to be worn over your regular pants and are more comfortable than wool pants. Order your legging color to match your capote. To insure proper fit, please include your waist, inseam, and thigh measurements.
    Cost: $65


We also carry fringe bags to wear on the belt of your capote. They are made from the Hudson Bay blankets and are ideal for carrying tracking equipment or other field items. The top flap closes by an antler button. They are approximately 7" x 10".
    Color- only scarlet available at this time.
    Cost: $10


You can give your capote or leggings an individual look by adding edge stitching along the openings of your garment. The kit includes black yarn, needle and instructions for the edge stitch. This stitch also helps protect the edges of your garment.
    Cost: $5


These blankets are woven in England of pure wool and are of the finest quality. They have an exclusive weave and will never fray. Hudson's Bay "Point" blankets were originally introduced for trade with the natives of an undeveloped wilderness. Short indigo lines called "Points" meant price. Thus 3 "Points" meant 3 large and 1 small beaver skins must be traded for that blanket; 4 "Point” meant 4 beaver skins. Today, "Points" indicate size.
    We offer two Sizes of Point blankets:
    6 point (Queen size) measures 90” x 100" and comes in multi-stripe, scarlet, gold, rose, green, sky blue, white with gold stripe and white with sky blue stripe.
    Cost: $140
    4 Point (Regular size) measures 72" x 90” and comes in scarlet, green, sky blue, multi-stripe, gold, rose, white with gold stripe and white with sky blue stripe.
    Cost: $120


The Burghers of Calais' stereo cassette tapes are now available. “No Easy Believer" tape features "The Theme to the TRACKER" and other Tom Brown favorites. A second tape of other selections is also available: "A Reason to Go”.
    Cost: $8.each or both for $15.


    The Tracker (softcover : $2.70 (hardcover) $9.95
    The Search (hardcover): $10.95
    Berkley Books is re-releasing The Tracker and The Search in quality paperback. They will be larger in size and with new covers. The new editions will cost $5.95 each.


They're finally here! They’re fully embroidered-beige background with black coyote paw and printing. They are really sharp--a great improvement over the previous type. They are darker also, which will help in camouflage. They are 4” in diameter and can be worn on jackets, coats, hats, jeans (back pocket, or as patches over worn spots), blankets, etc. Cost: $2.50


Tracker Shirt
    Medicine Shield Shirt
    We have two styles of tee shirt available at the present time. They are both beige with black lettering. Cost$6.50 (Sizes: S,M,L,XL)
    4 new shirt designs will be available soon -- these will have some of Tom's sayings on them. Check the next newsletter for details.


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