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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 2, Feb 1982

New Standard II course
Tom Brown

    I would like to announce the new Standard II course available to students that have completed the Standard Course. This course is set up like your original standard class, sleeping In the barn, food, and lecture/workshop type of learning and is an in depth continuation of your standard class. Unlike the Advanced Standard and the Advanced courses that teach the application of the skills you learned during the standard, this course will cover the finer detail that can only be accomplished during a lecture/workshop type of teaching situation.
You will learn 3 more types of fire building, 6 new shelters, 6 other ways of obtaining water, 30 traps, 126 wild edible plants, 2 new tanning methods, clothing patterns from buckskin and fiber, beadworking, quillworking (4 methods), advanced cordage, bowmaking, arrowmaking, atl atl, boneworking, stoneworking, advanced stalking, hunting techniques, as well as 30 hours of new tracking fieldwork and lectures. We will cover 3 new methods of arrowhead flaklng, basketmaking and pottery.
I strongly suggest this course for students wanting to brush up on the techniques and skills of the standard course, while increasing their skills. Also those students of the Advanced Standard and Advanced classes will find a wide assortment of new techniques that have never been covered before.
We will also be going into, at great depths, nature observation, and meditation.
We will have blankets for capotes, brain tanned and raw buckskin, beads, shells, quills, and other class items available to the class through our school store during the course, or you may bring your own if you wish.
The courses will be held on the east and west coasts.

Survival Blacksmithing
John Roman

    Blacksmithing skills can be vital to anyone living an alternate lifestyle, especially in very remote areas. We'd like to know how many of you would like to learn some basics--bow to beat metal, cut it, punch it, draw it out, shape, etc?
How many of you have those skills and could share them through a class situation? Through Tracker Newsletter articles?
Do any of you know a source of used blacksmith tools (anvils, blowers, vises, tongs, etc.)? Please write us. We'd love to bear from you on this subject.

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