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The Maze and The Triangle

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This website has no official or informal connection to the Tracker School or Tom Brown Jr. whatsoever.

The Maze and Triangle areas have been used by Tom Brown Jr. and his Tracker School for tracking exercises for years.

In the recent year or two (2001, 2000) the destruction has greatly accelerated in these areas, possibly rendering them no longer fit as an area for these exercises.

Here are some photos that document some of this destruction... Most of what you see here was not present 2 years ago!

Update from Kevin, Apr 26, 2002:

Thought I'd give you all an update on the Pine Barrens, the maze in
particular.  Because of additional destruction, this past advanced tracking class was altered.  The Anvil and Crucible no longer exist as tracking areas.  We had to find other sub-standard areas. Destruction caused by vehicular traffic has rendered them useless.  There is no more hard sand, and there is no more moss at either location.  We are loosing the battle.
Cannot tell about the war.



If you have taken a tracking class at the Tracker School, you will be somewhat familiar with these areas.

Small parallel sand ridges divide up the area.

Recently ATVs have started to run right up and over the mounds.....  

....or perhaps I should say, "through" them.
Some generalized destruction.
The vehicles will go anywhere and do!....

.....right through areas that are treed, right over shrubs.


Straight through.

Here a new trail cuts straight across the sand mounds.

Another brand new trail that simply cuts off the road at a seemingly random spot.

It was made by motorbikes, and just meanders through the trees.

These trails don't actually "go" anywhere, they're just made for "fun". 


These photos were taken at the Caretaker class in Nov 2001
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