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The Citta Boy Scout Camp (or Reservation) is where many Tracker School classes are held.

If you haven't yet taken a class here, you may wish to take a look at what it looks like.  If you have taken a class, perhaps these pictures will bring back some fond memories.

These pictures were taken at the Caretaker class in November 2001.

The parking lot, where many a Tracker class adventure has started.

In 2001 a new main hall was completed. The Caretaker class of November was the first class to experience this new building.


Inside the new lecture hall.

Unfortunately, the acoustics are terrible!

Sit near the front if you can, so you can hear.


Here is a view of part of the new kitchen.

When you take a Tracker class, you'll be spending some time in here preparing food and cleaning up. 

Another view of the new building, from the trail that goes down to the lake.

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These photos were taken at the Caretaker class in Nov 2001
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