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John Goude <john.goude@verizon.net>
Thu Nov 7, 2002  7:03 pm

Re: [wild-edibles] Tom Brown Jr's "Grandfather"
The evidence I have seen indicates that Tom Brown Jr's "Grandfather" is pure 100% fiction. He is a valid literary device that has gotten just a slight bit out of hand. Tom Brown Jr's classes and writings have gotten many people more into natural things and away from big corporations which is good but he himself is chained to the tobacco mega-corporations.


Fri Nov 15, 2002  5:31 am
Re: [wild-edibles] Tom Brown Jr's "Grandfather"
I don't know much about Tom Brown, but my father is very interested in him.
I am wondering what evidence you are referring to (re:the Grandfather). I hadn't heard about him and the tobacco companies. Can you share more information?
Thank you.

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