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(8/9/01 3:12 pm)
Reply Tom Brown, Jr.
Curious what people think of Tom Brown, Jr ; his books and workshops.

Personally, I think he's a very positive influence, teaching people how to be more in tune with nature, and developing a spirituality based on that.


conform or die
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(8/9/01 9:30 pm)
Reply Re: Tom Brown, Jr.
scuse me for asking, but who is Tom Brown, Jr?

Emery Scott
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(8/10/01 2:48 pm)
Reply Re: Tom Brown, Jr.
He's the author of an interesting book "The Tracker" which tells of growing up as the tracking/wilderness protege of an elderly Apache semi-shamanistic guy - in New Jersey of all places !!

Really it is a great book. Since then he's written tons of other books which I've not found as compelling.

I don't know him, but my brother has attended one of his several day wilderness/tracking courses in New Jersey (Pine Barrens). My brother said there was some value in the course, but a number of the attendees criticized Brown for spending most of his time (including evenings and nights) in his adjoining suburban house, watching satellite TV, with a number of RV's, SUV's and pickups parked in the driveway. Some also said he was on a HUGE ego trip.

Personally I don't know and don't care. I'm just giving what I know to the above poster, so don't give me any shit if you are a Tom Brown groupie. I don't know him and I don't care what you have to say about him, good or bad. Signing off on this topic!

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(8/14/01 12:51 am)
Reply brown
Well, I had a bunch of friends who took courses from Brown about 10 to 14 years ago and found him useful at times but mostly full of shit. He makes a lot of the stuff and often teaches nothing if he doesn't feel like it. He also accepts no criticism or deep questioning, according to the people I know who have taken his courses. But they did learn quite a bit anyhow I guess. But the warning I heard is don't believe all the "native american" hype from him.

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(9/19/01 12:08 pm)
Reply Re: Tom Brown, Jr.
I got a friend who is in the school at present...as usual, I believe that anything is what
you make of it plus a little you didn't ask for; however, I tend to agree with Sasha...

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(9/19/01 2:26 pm)
Reply Info links on tom brown...
While I have never taken any tom brown classes or read any of his books, I have met a number of people who have done so, mainly while moving in primitive skills circles. I personally have nothing much to say about the man--some have come away from him having gained very good perspective, others have come away from him having gained some very annoying perspectives (to state things diplomatically).

Nonetheless, I think primitivisms should be aware of him & what he is doing...

Check out www.trackerschool.com for direct info on him & his primitive skills school.


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