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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 1, Winter 1983

A Hopi Prayer for Peace

[In December of last year Grandfather David Monongye, spiritual leader of the Hopi Nation, made a Pilgrimage from his home in Hoteville on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona to New York City, where he was to address the gathered nations of the world. As the following statement explains, this historical visit was seen by the Hopi people as a fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

At the last moment, Grandfather David's address was canceled from the General Assembly agenda, and the Hopi leader returned to his home without having addressed the world forum. The following is the text of that as yet undelivered speech, sent as a letter to the General Assembly last September.]

At this time, when the delegates of the United Nations are devoting a moment of silent prayer for the success of their efforts and for the well-being of their brothers and sisters everywhere, we, the traditional Elders of the Hopi Independent Nation, are joining you to humbly request the Creator’s assistance. W e pray that our united effort will bear fruit for the benefit of all land and life, which increasingly are threatened by total destruction. May we be granted the wisdom to return to the divine laws and instructions revealed long ago, when the Creator, through his love, gave us the gift of life. This gift was meant equally for all, with no room for the injustice, hatred, and greed today poisoning our world. Let us rid ourselves of this terrible curse of personal gain at the expense of others, for if we do not cleanse ourselves, a higher power will soon perform for us the work of purification.

We have passed through many ages, sometimes becoming lost on the wrong path. The uncountable millions brutally destroyed in the wars of this century clearly indicate we have lost our way. Something is deeply wrong with our present way of life. Therefore, now is the time when world leaders must exemplify the harmonious, harmless way of life intended by the Creator. Long ago, Hopi prophecy foretold there would one day stand on the eastern edge of our land a House of Mica (the United Nations), where world leaders would come to discuss their problems. In accordance with our prophetic instructions, we have made four attempts in the last thirty years to address the House of Mica, but the doors were not opened to our spiritual leaders. If the doors were opened, we were instructed to reveal some of our ancient knowledge, imparted to our ancestors by the Great Spirit. The prophecy said at least one or two leaders in the House of Mica would recognize the significance of the Hopi spiritual way, and would respond by coming to visit us in our homeland.

We recognize a fulfillment of this ancient prophecy in the recent visit of the Associate Secretary-General of the Economic and Social Council (Robert Muller). We wish to express to him our sincere appreciation, and we hope that others will follow his courageous lead by coming for further discussions on how to dispel the mortal peril endangering our world. Now is the most critical period in humanity's existence since the destruction peaceful and harmonious world. On the other hand, destruction of the traditional Hopi way, of the sacred land entrusted to us by the Great Spirit, will in turn trigger the destruction of the world. We recognize that there are many peoples represented in the United Nations, each endowed with their own unique culture and tradition, but the original instructions of the Creator are Universal and valid for all time. The essence of these instructions is compassion for all life and love for all creation. We must realize that we do not live in a world of dead matter, but in a universe of living spirit. Let us open our eyes to the sacredness of Mother Earth, or our eyes will be opened for us.

Hopi prophecy foresaw World War I and II. It now warns of a third world war fought with "the gourd full of ashes", the ancient prophecy's expression for the atomic and hydrogen bomb. This last, most terrible war will soon occur if the arms race continues. Every nation on earth must ask itself whether it is contributing to the imminent destruction of humanity, either through indifference or through misguided nationalism. Let us not tempt the Creator to punish us with the very weapons we have so perversely invented. The time is now short, the hour is very late. Let us draw back from that which need not be. Let us awaken, brothers and sisters, for we are on the edge of an abyss of death, death on a scale the human mind cannot imagine.

Our prophetic instructions directed us, if at all possible, to personally address the nations represented in the House of Mica. If the delegates of the General Assembly so desire, Hopi spiritual leaders will come to the United Nations to speak of our prophecies and divinely revealed way of life. In return, we invite the U.N. leaders to visit us in the land entrusted to us by the Great Spirit. Because He revealed this land to be a spiritual center, we must all share responsibility for preserving it as a sanctuary for all life.

We await your response. We close our letter with blessings and hope for the future. Let us begin to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth.

-signed by Grandfather David Monongye and nine other Hopi elders

[Reprinted from New Age, December 1982 issue]

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