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We were introduced to the concepts and philosophy of the "eye of the tracker" through two simple questions: "What happened here?" and "What is this telling me?" Grandfather used these questions to begin our journey into the profound state of awareness that was the hallmark of the "eye of the tracker." Wherever we explored, wherever we went, we were to hold these questions foremost in our minds. It was not limited to the tracks printed on the ground but extended far beyond into the grand world of creation. In fact, the tracks that we found on the ground were just a small part of the answers.
-- Tom Brown Jr, from The Science and Art of Tracking
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Tracker School

  • The Tracker School website
  • Children of the Earth Foundation: The Children of the Earth Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Tom and Debbie Brown. Through our Coyote Tracks Programs, our organization teaches wilderness survival, nature awareness, tracking, and outdoor environmental education to youth ages 7-17. These programs began in 1999 and operated under The Tracker, Inc. until the summer of 2001 when The Children of the Earth Foundation began housing them. Currently, the mainstay of our programs operates during the summer months. We are working to expand our programming to be full-time, year-round programs for school age children and teens. We are also working to bring these programs to youth who are at risk, and to children who have serious illnesses. 
  • Tracker school graduates online communities - meet with other Tracker graduates online
  • The old Tracker School website is STILL online at AOL!
Tracker clubs in Canada

Tracker clubs elsewhere

There are several Tracker clubs who have an online forum at Yahoo Groups. Click here for more information.

Tracker School instructor's sites (current & former)

  • On Point Tactical Tracking School - Kevin Reeve - former director of the Tracker School.
    "There are few pure trackers left in our society, someone who can follow footprints and sign across any terrain, tracking an individual or party until they are found or captured. There are fewer still that can teach such skills.  In a world where terrorism and insurgency are new reality, where security is a major issue, the use of trackers becomes an extremely effective tool for pursuit and capture of those who would attempt to harm our society.  We have a uniquely qualified group of trackers, who have many years of experience in each of these areas. In addition, we have a very effective training methodology for passing these skills on to others.  We typically train only SAR team members, commissioned law enforcement officers, and members of the US Military and Allied forces."
  • Earthwalk Northwest - Karen & Frank Sherwood - Head instructors at the Tracker School for 15 years, they now run their own school.
  • Natural Duties - Joe Lau - Former Senior Instructor at the Tracker School. See also Jack Hoban's Living Values and Bujinkan Martial Arts - Jack Hoban is Joe Lau's martial arts instructor
  • Tracker Consulting Services - Kevin Reeve - Executive Director of the Tracker School
  • Earth School - Richard Cleveland - former Head Instructor at the Tracker School
  • Woods Wisdom - A school run by Bob Barr, who teaches the Tracker School's Wilderness Experience classes.  He is ably assisted in some of the classes by Hilary and Seth, both former instructors at the Tracker School. NOTE: This site used to be accessed via but that domain name now points to a porn site!! If anybody knows the new link for this school, please Email me.
  • Wilderness Awareness School - Jon Young - Tom Brown's first student runs this school
  • Shikari Tracking Guild - "This is an international development project to capture, preserve, and disseminate the skills, art, and science of tracking. You, as a member of a greater community, will be guaranteed to learn a lot more about tracking than you would on your own. Tracking takes more than a lifetime to learn. People never learn to become master trackers by accident.
    We extend, beyond the services of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, an invitation to all those who are serious about learning the art of tracking and about giving back to their community in a fun and exciting way, the opportunity for you to learn tracking at a higher level." -- Jon Young
  • Earth-Heart - Malcolm Ringwalt - Malcolm assists Tom at the Philosophy courses
  • Thunderheart - Founder and director Brandt Morgan co-wrote four book with Tom Brown Jr. - "Thunderheart is an organization dedicated to helping you reconnect with your true self and realize your greatest dreams. Classes, workshops, ceremonies, and personalized coaching and apprenticeship programs combine the teachings of three ancient and powerful traditions: Toltec, Native American, and the wisdom of the heart."
  • Sticks and Stones Wilderness School - Skeet Sutherland - Preserving Skills that Teach Ecological Wisdom and Community Stewardship

"We have become a society that kills its grandchildren to feed its children."
Tom Brown Jr.

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