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December 2001
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As all Tracker School classes are, this one was also intense. The focus of Razor's Edge, much like the Philosophy Class newsletter of the same name, is geared to integrating philosophy skills into daily life. However, somewhere in the beginning few days, the class took a turn no one expected... on some levels, probably not even Tom Brown! 

A good portion of the class was devoted to healing, but with a twist. Readers of Tom's books (especially The Vision, The Search, The Journey, and The Quest) are familiar with the story of the Eternal Cave, and the
infinite number of possible and probable futures that exist. The new twist was that just as there are possible and probable futures, there are also possible and probable PASTS. Through the long-form meditation taught to students in Philosophy 1, we were able to accomplish healings on our group-mates in the past, which would then subsequently affect their present, and possibly alter a possible future to a probable one for the one healed.

Also taught was something so ridiculously obvious, it's amazing it hasn't come up in any of the Philosophy classes yet- the Sacred "Why?" question. In summary, this is taking a situation- some kind of block or difficulty you are having, for instance- and asking yourself "Why?" And with each answer you come up with, keep asking yourself "Why?" until you get deeper and deeper toward the heart of the problem, and in many cases, being brutally honest with yourself at the same time, until you finally get the answer. Once the answer is obtained, you can then take steps to correct it. 

This Razor's Edge class was the pilot class, so classes held after this one will undoubtedly have new techniques, or new twists on the techniques discussed in this one. I hope anyone taking future incarnations of Razor's Edge will want to share their knowledge with those who went before them!

--George Olschewski

Tom said that during the Philosophy 3 class he went to Grandfather's camp to ask Grandfather for advice on what to say to the Razor's Edge class. He said that Grandfather said to tell the students to go to their
sit area every morning and send them home. 

Basically what everything comes down to is choice. It is your choice to go or not to got to your sit area
every morning. It is your choice to listen to Inner Vision or not.

Walking the Razor's Edge is very difficult. Everything must be balanced. You must be aware on all levels at the same time physical/force/spirit. Pay attention to physical signs as well as spiritual ones. You must listen to Inner Vision and not come up with excuses why not to follow it. If you fall off the Razor's Edge either the Creator wanted you to or something is out of balance.

Ask the Sacred Question frequently concerning spiritual teachings as well to physical things in your life. Don't be satisfied with understanding things at a surface level. Tom says that the greatest problem with the Sacred Question is failure to ask it. 

If a spirit communicates something to you integrate it into your life otherwise they may not speak to you in
the future until you do. 

Take with you into society the wilderness mind. Always be of the wilderness in your mind and heart. Pretend you are standing in the forest while at the same time looking out at society.

This is the essence of what was taught during class.

--Maura Orrell

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