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Nature class

March 1997
Brief summary by Walter Muma


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The Nature class focuses on physical aspects of Nature. We covered the following topics:

  • How to bait an area so as to determine what animals are in the area, and to determine what they eat.
  • Discussions of awareness and observation (what Tracker class would be complete without these?)
  • We learned techniques of how to determine what animal a hair came from, and what part of the animal. Similarly for feathers from birds.  We started a hair and feather journal.
  • We observed the skinning of a freshly killed deer, from a naturalists perspective
  • We did "fingerprinting" of animals and birds
  • Dissection of animals and birds. We learned what the organs looked like and what their function was.
  • We did a sit on the landscape at nighttime, observing a baited area to see if any animals came by
  • Analyzed the bird digestive system.
  • Sign tracking analysis
  • Analysis of trails: why they run in particular patterns. Also analysis of details of specific trails: why does this trail bend "here" and not "here", etc., and stopping points along trails.
  • A talk by Tom's brother who is a microbiologist. He focused on pathogens from the woods, specifically New Jersey, including Lyme disease.
  • Analysis of scat to determine what animal left it behind, and what the animal ate.
  • Mapping techniques for trail complexes.
  • A speaker came in from the Philadelphia zoo and talked about animals in general. Brought some live specimens.
  • Preservation of animal parts and scat: bones, hairs, skins, feet, etc.
  • Basic Taxidermy
  • Plaster casts of tracks
  • A speaker came in from a raptor rehab center and talked at great length about raptors and owls.
  • A session on Caretaking. A summary of what Tom said is on the Earth Caretaker website - classes section.
  • Tips on identifying skulls, bones, teeth, claws, etc.
  • Live trapping animals
  • Learning techniques
  • Track drawing techniques

All in all, a very full and productive class!! I highly recommend it.

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