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Edible & Medicinal plants course

June 2004
Brief summary by K.P.


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On Monday morning and afternoon Ruth Ann and Christine took us on a plant walk that covered the edibility and medicinal properties of 26 species around the Tracker Farm. Next in groups we dug holes ~ 8" deep in a line down a slope and noted the difference in surrounding vegetation, smell, color and texture of soil layers. Also dug up a plant as a group we were IV led to and potted it. On and off during the week we were to individually talk out loud to it in order to learn the language of plants.

Tues: Tom discussed ancient vs. modern herbalism also how GF and the ancients would always talk out loud to nature and plants. We did exercises talking to plants and asking what we can do for them and then caretaking them. Other exercises included using Breath to Surrender to sense plants energy and travel into plants to determine their root system. We did an amazing exercise called the Plant Dance where we let ourselves be drawn about the landscape feeling the collective aura of the plants and ended with a stream float. Had 3 sweatlodges during the week including an herbal sweat.

Weds: Tom introduced Presence and followed it with several exercises to sense Presence. He pointed out that Presence is used differently for herbs then for Healing or the Scout. Tom was originally going to teach herbalism through meditation and breath to surrender, as is done in the Healing class. Then Ruth Ann and Christy taught the preparation of and the various equipment and solvents used for making herbal remedies.

Thurs: More discussion of Presence and more Presence exercises. With partners we both described plants blindfolded by touching them and identified plants from touching a leaf fragment. We also were able to sense the medicinal properties of a plant and which other plants it worked with. Then using smudge and tea, we identified what plants were used and their quantities by sensing their Presence.

Fri: Exercises included: going to a group of like species and identifying the most powerful, using Presence to manipulate tea taste to bitter or sweet and uplift or diminish power of a plant. For supper the class collected herbs reverently and prayerfully while talking and singing to them. Permission was asked of the chief plant to harvest some of his/her people and if any caretaking could be done also. Preparation of and eating them was done in a near meditative state; intensely absorbing their Presence into ourselves, feeling how they nourished our body and sensing some of their healing properties.

Absolutely one of the best classes I've had!

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