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The Last Days of the Tracker Farm - Nov 2004

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These pages will provide you with a nostalgic tour of the Tracker Farm in its last days. All these photos were taken on November 21, 2004, just before the big cleanup weekend (Dec 3-4) when everything was moved away from the property and cleaned up. From here the Tracker School moved to Florida (it later moved back to New Jersey).

Please keep in mind as you look at these photos, that the farm is in the process of being dismantled and moved, so it definitely does not appear at its best! As well it is late fall, so there are no leaves to lend a more natural look to the area.

All photos in this section are by Walter Muma.

The tripod of poles at the road, showing the laneway to the Tracker Farm. For many these signaled the beginning of their Tracker School adventure.
The driveway leading to the farm.
More pics of the driveway leading to the School.
The house.

No, Tom Brown did not live here. The house was used by the instructors.

Another view of the house.

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