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2nd Online Chat With Tom Brown Jr.

OnlineHost: Welcome Master Survivalist Tom Brown Jr.

Here's Tom's latest AOL chat. Unfortunately, his time online was shortened due to some phone line/technical problems (noted in the chat). The answer to "Tom, what was your grandfather's full name?" was omitted. He responded: "Nuacano."

OnlineHost: Tonight we are pleased to be back with Master Survivalist Tom Brown Jr. aka The Tracker. The overwhelming response to his last forum has brought Tom back here to cyberspace. Please welcome, Tom Brown Jr.

TomBrownJr: Hello, and Thank you

Jklegarth: Tom welcome..thanks for re - joining us....anything new you'd like to start off with tonight

TomBrownJr: I just would like to field any questions on Survival, Tracking, Awareness, etc.

Question: What are the basics of body control? Is it all mental, or is there some sort of physical skill required too?

TomBrownJr: Body control is first generated through the physical mind. Then, through envisioning, we send the message to the subconscious mind and beyond. Of course it must be empowered by belief.

Question: I was fascinated by the lines in the bio info published for this event that talked about how you spent a year in the wilderness with just a knife. Was this fun? challenging? spiritual? educational? and was there any single event that stands out?

TomBrownJr: The year in the wilderness was probably one of the best times of my life. I became timeless, tasted the ultimate freedom, and knew myself far better then I could have ever imagined. The knife, however, was a flint knife, not a manufactured steel knife.

Question: Tom, is there a stalking step for snowshoes?

TomBrownJr: Yes. Depending on the snow surface conditions there are several types of steps that can be used. On most types of snow, touch with the outside of the shoe and roll inward, gently compressing the snow as you move your weight forward.

Question: Do you have any videos out or programs coming on TV?

TomBrownJr: Not yet. We had to put the How-To series on hold temporarily. Other projects and the intense class schedule have forced me to back off until this summer.

Question: If the Red Skies come true, what are the places the children of the earth can run to?

TomBrownJr: The wildest wilderness areas you can find, far away from any city. The more hostile the environment, the better.

Question: How did you get the moniker "Tracker"?

TomBrownJr: It was given to me on my first Tracking Case. An old family friend and Lt. in the State Police always called me tracker. The name stuck.

Question: Tom, what was your grandfather's full name?

Question: How did the Apache Scouts walk trackless in deep snow?

TomBrownJr: That demands a spiritual answer. More space and time then I have here.

(( ...connection lost here... ))

Jklegarth: Welcome back Tom..this group hung in there for you

TomBrownJr: Thanks for waiting. The computer does not like me.

Question: How do you balance the demands of the material world with your spirituality?

TomBrownJr: Its called the "Razors Edge". You learn every day how to walk that edge and how deeply it can cut. Each person must find his or her own way along that edge.

Question: How does Christianity's concept of Heaven and Hell fit in with your philosophy?

TomBrownJr: I can not easily answer that question. I have tried to address that in a few of my books, yet I am still searching for answers.

Question: Many of us are too timid to spend a year in the woods. Is it possible to gain this awareness as a city dwellor?

TomBrownJr: Awareness is open to anyone who wants to look deeper into the life around him. It is a state of mind, rather then a place. There is nature, awareness, and adventures to be found in any city if you know where to look.

Question: What do you have in mind for future writing projects?

TomBrownJr: After the new Tracking book is published I will be writing a book about taking care of the Earth. I also intend to write a series of magazine articles.

Question: My son has finally turned 18 and is looking forward to attending your survival and awareness classes, but can only attend in the summer. July appears closed. Any new sessions planned?

TomBrownJr:Sorry, not until next year. 1997. However, tell him to keep trying. There is usually some last minute drops and he just might get in.

Question: If you wouldn't mind answering: Would you also consider yourself a Christian? Do you consider the beliefs of Stalking Wolf to be compatible with Christianity?

TomBrownJr: Yes, very. I find nothing in the Bible or the teachings of Christ that conflict with what Grandfather taught.

Question: How can you tell if the "feelings" (intuition) that you may be receiving are "valid" or purely the ramblings of an irrational/overactive mind?

TomBrownJr: Bottom Line, End Result. If the feelings, "Inner Vision", produces profound results and miraculous changes, or teaches you something that you could not have known, then it is real.

Question: Tom, any tips for building a good tight door for a scout pit?

TomBrownJr: Think of a cork. Narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. Make sure the top is flanged so that it directs water away from the pit.

Question: Getting back to the topic of living in the wilderness. Were there any pivotal periods during that year, times when you felt like you learned or experienced something totally unexpected?

TomBrownJr: Yes. During the winter. The reality of the winter hit me hard and knocked me back into a more humble and respectful position. It taught me not to lose respect for the powers of the Earth or the skills that keep you alive.

Question: Did you ever perfect your bear slapping skills?

TomBrownJr: No. And I don't intend to. I should have learned the first, second, and third time.

Question: I am a female that loves to hike/camp but often can't find a partner. Any tips on staying safe?

TomBrownJr: Awareness. I actually intend to write a few articles on staying safe and aware in any situation.

Question: Tom, is there a photograph of Stalking Wolf? If so, would you ever consider publishing it?

TomBrownJr: Yes there is a partial photograph that my mother took. It is a bit out of focus and only part of his face and braid is showing.

Jklegarth: Well folks we are out of time...with many questions left...Tom I hope you can come back yet again to answer more

TomBrownJr: Well I hope to. This time without the computer failure. Thank You, Hope to talk again soon. All Good Medicine,

Jklegarth: And for our members in the audience thanks for hanging in there...thank you and good night

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