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A Night's Tell

by Thomas Willis

So the alarm went off at 3 this morning and my first impulse was, reset it, roll over cover my head and go back to night-night land. But then the conscience kicked in and I couldn't go back to sleep!

So I stumbled thru the darkened hallway, thru the living room, guided by the faint glow from a tv down stairs. A sense of melancholy swept over me for my son who's asleep in his room. He uses the TV as a night light to keep dream monsters away. We don't mention it any more it seems not to be a big deal. He's at that man/child time when it's difficult to understand which haunts are real and which are not.

I slip outside on the front deck a gaze out across the valley and ridges to the west.
The moon's not up yet and there's a beautiful bright planet shinning brightly in the southern sky.
I should know its name, but at 3 in the morning it evades me.
"Where are the meteors, the shooting stars, the comets!", my mind shouts to itself.
"The sky is full of stars, but where is the big show!", it continues to nag...
Finally the voices quieten down. I ground myself in the still darkness of the night.
My other senses start to respond. I'm suprised at how warm the night air is, and yet how cool it is all at the same time. My thoughts wander through the vast heavens above, way out beyond physical vision. I'm overwhelmed by this creation, the cosmos.....

Silently in the peace of the night I turn and walk back up to the house. A sense of modern, materialistic, man-made, busy guilt passes through me and my soul whispers up a prayer for forgiveness. The Elders speak to me and say: "My son, tonight you've recieved a blessing greater than any cosmic firework show, you've been sent a gift, in the form of a lesson. You can return to your bed and rest in the nocturnal peace of one who has learned that each night the heavens watch over you and stars and planets sing to you. You don't have to have a special occasion, for each night is special, it's just waiting on its audience."

I return to my bed....tomorrow night I will go out and look again!

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