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In the Tracks of the Tracker magazine - Winter-Spring 1994

Future Trends - Magnetic Pole Shift may be in Progress
Gordon-Michael Scallion

    With the beginning of the shifting of the magnetic poles, the forces of nature react.  Weather becomes erratic throughout the world.  I believe this has occurred.  Witness both increased weather and seismic activity. I sense we are very close to a magnetic shift that will begin subtly as erratic fluctuations in the magnetic field strength and position - as the compass needle points.  Indications will be electrical sensations in the lower limbs of the body, erratic animal behavior and lost pets, and increased electronic equipment failures, especially memory devices.  I have seen a vision of what this event will look like.  I was looking at the horizon facing magnetic north.  The sky became bright and full of color, with rays extending upward towards the heavens.  A large ball of yellow resembling a sun then appeared a grew in size.  At this point in my vision I knew upheavals would begin shortly around the world, not just the U.S.  I then realized this glow had moved westward by some 6-8 degrees.  I assume this meant the magnetic pole shift was 6-8 degrees and that the new magnetic north pole was now located where the compass positions 352-354 are now located.  If my vision is correct, it occurs in the early morning East Coast time during the spring or summer.  I have no doubt this will occur and, in fact, may at this moment be occurring and building.  I have previously stated how it will affect electronic devices, aircraft, automobiles, machinery, as well as weather, tectonic stability, and temperature at the poles - a melt-off.  I believe we are close to the first of three magnetic pole shifts - time from '94-'97.

(From Earth Changes Report, Issue 29, Feb 1994)

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