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In the Tracks of the Tracker magazine - Winter-Spring 1994

Earth Changes
Mary Summer Rain

    For two years I drove up into the deep woods of the Rocky Mountains. I made this special journey as often as three times a week. My destination was a tiny, hand-hewn log cabin that crowned a forested hill above a gently coursing stream. Within this cabin lived the light of my life. This living light was an elderly native woman by the name of No-Eyes.
    No-Eyes never said she was anyone special. She would've balked at titles such as medicine woman, visionary or shaman. Yet it was clear to see that the tiny woman was a gentle blend of all three. She had command of her natural world, and she tapped into the wisdom of the Universal Mind as easily as you or I would open a book. Therefore, her wise ways and teachings were of Universal Spirituality and Truth, rather than confining her message to any narrow ethnic slant. Her wisdom was vast. It was deep and meaningful.
    During the course of our time together, No-Eyes made me promise to share her wisdom and vision, This, she hinted, would be done through books. Although I initially objected, I could not refuse my sweet lady her singular request.
    Our days and nights overflowed with the knowledge she shared with me. From her shining mind came lessons on natural health and all the nutritious goodness and healing botanicals Grandmother Earth offered her people, lessons of True Spirituality, journeys to spirit realms, talks of Reality, cautions of the present, and revelations of the future. No-Eyes could easily slip into the future through various means. Twice she took me with her. Many times, she taught me to use the Vision Smoke Way.
The Vision Smoke Way was manifested burning Prayer Sticks which created the Prayer Smoke that took our prayers up to The One (God). After certain prayers were whispered into the smoke, we'd toss seven natural ingredients into the fire. The new smoke that curled up from these ingredients acted as a screen that held all the future images that took form before us.
    The first image to take shape was always the Great Phoenix and, because of this, No-Eyes termed future changes, "The Phoenix Days." She explained that all life was comprised of energy - vibrational frequencies. Mountains, rocks, trees, animals, people, all vibrated with these differing frequency rates. These vibrations can be charged with good (positive) or with bad (negative) frequencies. The positive ones created harmony, the negative brought chaos. The determining factor for good or bad were the mortals who walked upon Grandmother Earth's breast. When mortals began displaying an overabundance of bad attitudes, emotions and deeds, they emitted I vibrational frequencies that severely affected surrounding vibrations. Cause and effect.
    In the Vision Smoke we viewed, the visionary whispered her running commentary to me. "One day Great Phoenix gonna be born. Earth Mother be in labor already. She gonna give birth to Great Phoenix. He gonna bring great Peace and Harmony to all lands. Long time he gonna bring this beautiful way of life to peoples."
    Then No-Eyes became sad. "But peoples got so many bad stuff (vibrations). They gonna make Earth Mother's labor hard. Earth gonna go through bad, hard labor with him. Earth gonna rip an' tear. Peoples gonna scream an' cry." No-Eyes smiled then, "But after labor all over an' Great Phoenix be born, he gonna spread wings an' fly! He gonna bring peace! Harmony! Hope! Earth mother gonna all heal after his birth. She gonna be beautiful again!"
    What my mentor said was that we, the people on earth, could give the Earth Mother an easy labor or a difficult one. No-Eyes likened the labor process to a "cleansing period" for earth and its people. This cleansing period must be done before we can advance forward along our collective path toward our future. However, the people are emitting extremely harmful vibrations with the hate, greed, violence, war, religious and ethnic prejudices. So then, what we saw in the Vision Smoke were the negative effects those attitudes and actions were directly causing.
    We saw massive earthquakes and volcanoes, widespread flooding, many transportation accidents, wars and people reaching their personal breaking points. The Smoke revealed images of drought conditions, massive starvation, riots, economic depressions, governmental chaos and destruction from winds (tornados and hurricanes). The Earth Mother's labor is going to be hard.
    Yet ... heads up! We are not going to be allowed to annihilate ourselves! Ohh, no. Though the cleansing time of labor will be a great time of trial and tribulation for us all, the Great Phoenix will be born. He will fly free! And when he rises, our Earth Mother will settle. She will settle her lands, and the people upon her breast will open their eyes to the glorious Dawn of the bright Phoenix Days. Peace will reign! Harmony will reside within human hearts! Evil will be conquered! The earth will once again be beautiful and the people of earth will love, respect and care for their living planet.
    No, we are not going out in a big bang soon. We are going to survive! We are going to recognize each other as being all interconnected. We are going to finally recognize Grandmother Earth as our true mother who is a living, loving entity who provides for us and we, in turn, will take great care to provide for her ... love her back.
    So then, we will prepare ourselves for the cleansing time of Grandmother's intensive labor hours. We will sit with her. We will endure with her. And we will survive to rejoice with her in the beautiful birth of the Great Phoenix who brings centuries of peace to us all.
    The birthing process of the Great Phoenix can be compared to Armageddon -- a time of great tribulation both upon and with the earth. But when all is cleansed, only peace, beauty and truth remain to be rejoiced in. These are what the glorious, free-flying Phoenix will bring. These will be humankind's new way of life. These are our future.
    No-Eyes visions represent Hope. They clearly symbolize what we, as humans, are capable of in respect to being all that we can be. The Great Phoenix is our sign signaling all that is good within us. We will not destroy our sweet Grandmother Earth. We will not destroy ourselves. We will destroy evil. We will rise up with the Great Phoenix and join our collective warrior voices with his. Together, we will all celebrate our victory. Together we will cry tears of joy, for together, we will have won the battle for Peace.

NOTE: Mary Summer Rain is a renowned author of ten books telling the story of her spiritual journey and the visions of her mentor and friend, No-Eyes. For further information on No-Eyes' visions of future changes, please refer to Spirit Song, Phoenix Rising, Day Break and other titles by Mary Summer Rain.

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