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In the Tracks of the Tracker magazine - Winter-Spring 1994

Letters To The Editor

    Dear Sirs,
    What a pleasant surprise to receive such a nice publication that I have been so hungry for. Perhaps I will have some contributing letters or articles in the future.
    Please place my subscription right away so I do not miss a single word.
    Dayle O. Zeigler

    Dear Sirs,
    Please remove my name from your mailing lists. I appreciate your great interest in reading "the Book of Creation." However, rejecting the Creator's greater book, the Bible, cannot produce benefit to yourselves nor to this country. The greatest lesson to be learned from the American Indians is that the Creator can and will remove any people from their land, or take their land from any people, who continue to reject Him.
    Yours truly,
    Paula Wilson

    Dear Michael,
    First off, I want to commend you on you fine new publication, Tracks of the Tracker. It's beautiful and the quality is outstanding! And the articles are really interesting. I wish you much success with this new venture. And to help a bit in reaching the goal, I am enclosing a check for two subscriptions.
    Judy Colle

    To All Involved in The Tracks of The Tracker, and All Others,
    I was very excited when I received your premier issue. I could hardly wait to read it. Before I finally laid down to sleep, I picked up the issue to read. My intention was to read a couple of articles, but it was so interesting and well done I couldn't put it down. Congratulations, to all involved, I can see a lot of positive messages reaching a lot of people.
    My reason for writing you was to pat you on the back, and subscribe for future issues, but I feel I have to share a direction I visited after reading your magazine.
    The next day, after finishing your magazine, I was reading a research paper, on non-point water pollution. There was a quotation used that flashed me over to two articles I read in The Tracks of the Tracker. One was the Hopi Message to the United Nations General Assembly, and The Fourth Knock on the Door: An Update by Steven McFadden.
    On my way to work, I saw four turkey vultures. Three were resting on branches, soaking in the warmth of the morning sun, the other was hovering above the tree. At the time the research paper and articles I read flashed again in my mind. Of course, be it not enough, the rest of the day and the next, other things kept bringing me back to this quotation. They involved crows, blue jays, a red tail hawk, and a dead skunk.
    It was really making my head reel ... it was driving me nuts.
    The Quote: From research book Non-Point Sources of Water Pollution, Area Wide Waste Treatment Management of Non-Point Pollutions, by Paul Barker.
    In Barker's paper he's reminded of a short story by Carl Sandburg who wrote of an encounter between a Native American and a white man. Sandburg wrote:
    "The white man drew a small circle in the sand and told the red man, "That is what the Indian knows," and drawing a big circle around the small one, "This is what the white man knows." The Indian took the stick and swept an immense ring around both circles: "This is where the white man and the red man both know nothing."
    Thanks, with Love,
    David Lachapelle

    Happy Holidays,
    Thanks for sending the Premier Issue of In The Tracks. I can't wait until the next issue. Thanks for the hard work and good luck in the coming new year!
    Ed NovakHowdy

    WOW! Thanks for putting out such a great publication!
    A friend of mine shared your magazine with me. I read it cover to cover in one sitting! As a child of the Earth and a fellow tracker student, it has everything that I enjoy reading.
    Peace & Harmony,

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