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In the Tracks of the Tracker magazine - Fall 1993

Our Food, Our World

Here are the bare facts fueling John Robbins' vision extracted from Our Food, Our World: The Realities of an Animal-Based Diet, published by EarthSave Foundation.
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  • more than half of all US water consumption goes to livestock production.

  • 90% of US grain is fed to livestock.

  • It takes only 25 gallons of water to produce a pound of wheat, a staggering 2,500 gallons to produce a pound of beef.

  • If Americans would reduce their meat consumption by just 10%, it would free up enough land, water and energy to feed 100 million people. More than 60 million people starve to death every year. 

  • 95% of all toxic chemical residues in the US diet come from meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. 

  • the average American mother's breast milk is so contaminated with toxic chemicals that it would be illegal to ship across state lines and subject to confiscation by the FDA.

  • forty years ago, cancer was rarely seen in children. Today, more children die of cancer than from any other cause.

  • In 1988 the European Economic Community banned the importation of US beef, because of our continued use of hormones and antibiotics. The US is the only industrialized nation that still permits the use of hormones in livestock production.

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