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In the Tracks of the Tracker magazine - Fall 1993

Here's to the Little People, the Children of the Earth
Wanda Dewaard

    Children are so very precious. Any one who has had the incredible opportunity to be around a small child on a daily basis knows that truly, a little one is so alive, so in-the-moment, so real, so immersed in the surroundings and so very open in a very innocent way.
    This isn't to say that children are helpless. On the contrary, children are very powerful beings who are still very close to the spiritual. They are responsible for their own lives. They chose to come into this life, to walk this planet, to be alive and to grow. They chose the adults in their lives to learn the things they need to learn. That is where you come in.
    All of us have some contact with young people. We can never be totally aware of the impact that we are having but we can do our best to be our best in the moment. We do not need to be perfect. We need to be human, to express our feelings and our dreams.
    Children, being very perceptive, will copy what we actually do and not what we say. The more we can be who we really are, our true selves, the more we give them encouragement to be their true selves.
    As parents, guardians and educators or whatever capacity we have with children, it seems important to offer them experiences that connect them with Life and with the Earth. We must encourage them to grow, to enjoy, to share and to serve a purpose much greater than self. The real teachers are the Earth and Life itself. Our role is to encourage and to love while providing for the basic needs of shelter and nourishment. And, we must trust what must be.
    This section of the newsletter is dedicated to the little people, the little ones who walk the planet and to those of you committed to working with them. This is your newsletter and so your contributions are encouraged. The initial plan is to discuss topics or issues, to include reviews of useful books or other teaching aids, to share techniques. And, with each issue, to respond to reader input. Please write with comments, requests, suggestions or issues to discuss. The more we share with one another, the more we serve the little ones we work with. Another possibility for this section is to include opportunities to work with young people in Earth-oriented programs. If you have information on such situations, please share them here with all of us.
    Meanwhile, keep up the good work wherever you are and celebrate the opportunity you have to be with the little ones in your life.


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