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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 4 No. 1, 1985

Letter To The Editor
Fox Walking

Fox Walking has affected me in several simple but profound ways. When fox walking my lower back, which was injured, seems to relax and in turn relieves the pain. Even more profound is the feeling of soft energy currents that seem to flow down my legs. I feel my feet make contact with the ground in a new and pleasurable way. The energy literally flows from my feet into the ground. With this new grounding of the energy to the earth it brings with it a new awareness or "contact" both with my own body sensations and my surroundings. In this relaxed and energetically flowing state I simply function in the moment, in the pulsation as it were. Not thinking in the future or in the past and not thinking at all as we normally think of thinking. The fox walk is like what church people call walking in grace, a feeling of gratitude in each step, an intense alive feeling, a deep understanding that comes from your entire organism.

The subjective difference between fox walking and regular walking is analogous to two men at work. One man hates his work from 8 to 5 and dreads the thought of ever coming back. He leaves work at five exhausted and without experiencing any pleasure in his day. The second man loves his work, does not want to leave after 8 hours, is in the groove, and has more energy after work than he did when he started. Being "in the groove", so to speak, with fox walking might shed some light as to why the Indian scouts could fox walk or fox run such long distances, and not only not be tired, but be exhilarated at the end. It was not simply that they were in good shape but that they were energetically "in the groove" or "pulsation". (Akido is another clear example of this.)

When I fox walk I feel very similar to when I am fishing. I can actually tell when and where I will catch a fish before it happens. Also when fox walking, wild animals are not as afraid of me and at times it feels as though I am almost invisible. In fact, the animals "appear" all around me rather than me looking for them. Domestic animals, such as dogs or cows, on the other hand, are alarmed and seem to feel danger when you fox walk and are relaxed when you cow walk. Its almost like they sense the wild animal in you. Another analogy between regular walking and fox walking is the difference between the armored pollaxed cow that lives in each of us (Societies Child) and the vital alive fox that lives in each of us.

It seems clear that fox walking has had a positive therapeutic effect for a number of Toms students. However, the interesting question is why fox walking helps with medical problems, and can change ones state of consciousness? I feel the answer lies in the underlying energetic function of fox walking. Fox walking on an energetic level seems to cause energetic currents down the legs which in itself could have a healing effect. This sounds strange but it is true - try it yourself and be aware of your own sensation. Another example of the sensation I mean, can be obtained by rubbing your hands together for several minutes to build up friction and heat. Then put your hands apart about an inch. The same soft buzzing feeling in your hands is what I'm talking about in the currents going down your leg in fox walking. (Try it! before you say no.) There are many people now working on ways to enhance the energies of the body to heal itself. A good example of this type of approach is acupuncture which in effect stimulates the energy blocks in the body to allow the body energy to again flow more freely, and in doing so, heal itself. I feel fox walking, in effect, allows this natural flow to occur and thus allows healing similar to acupuncture.

In very oversimplified terms, when energy moves in the bodily tissues, on a cellular level, it is like a fresh alive stream. When people become energetically "stuck" they are like a dammed up stagnant pond that decays and putrefies on the inside and thus causes sickness. At times they seem to have a black or gray aura about them. One often feels a slight thirst or mild sickness in their presence. A clear example are some cancer patients.

In fox walking, the energetic contact with the earth as the energy flows through the legs, into the feet, and into the earth gives one a feeling of being "grounded" or having your feet on the ground or "having a clear head." Literally in fox walking as the energy moves downward, the earth draws the energy out of the body. This same energy going in reverse can go into excessive thinking, anxiety, or as Freud would say "neurosis." (Being out of the movement) It is interesting that it seems the further out of the movement we are the more neurotic and less happy we are. This opens up the possibility of using fox walking, and for that matter Toms entire course, with people that are having emotional problems. (It certainly has worked to change peoples lives.) Another possibility is to see if people doing fox walking go into alpha or other states of consciousness by using portable monitors. Subjectively, I personally feel a much deeper state of consciousness when I fox walk.

Someday if you are feeling down or depressed go fox walking for one hour and if you are like me you will feel much better. That is to say it gives you a feeling of pleasure, expansion, revitalization or a buzzing sensation which is energetically the antithesis of contraction, anxiety, and depression. Although I have only tried it a few times, when our new born baby girl Lara is crying I pick her up and fox walk with her in my arms. So far every time I have tried it, it has relaxed her and stopped her crying. Regular walking also helps some of the time but the interesting thing about the fox walking is that it puts her right to sleep.

It also seems to be no accident that fox walking not only doesn't make me tired but I feel fresh, alive and feel a renewed contact. Did you ever notice that you almost can't take two fox walking steps without also slowing down, breathing deeper, relaxing, feeling body sensations, using splatter vision and hearing now sounds?

To sum up, there seems to be an energetic function involved in the very nature of fox walking which could explain the healing effects both physically and emotionally. Also there seems to be many other possible applications for fox walking that needs further study.

John Schleining
River Medicine Thundering

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