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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 4 No. 1, 1985

by Ellen Hanratty

The yellow legal pad sits on my lap. Next to me our puppy begins to bite on it, chew it. Across the room our twelve-year-old dog, Hogan, looks out the window. The puppy looks down at my bare feet and barks. The washer clicks on to its next phase, the traffic sounds come in the window, and I hear a small-engine plane fly overhead, Between vehicle sounds I hear birds, both in front and in back of the house. Our cat meows from the front porch. The puppy, laying still for a moment, looks my way and gives a little bark.

Before my Standard Class, I would have ignored, or possibly been irritated by all this, but now I see how all are parts of the beautiful, wonderful mosaic of existence.

Thank you, Tracker Standard Class.

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