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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 4 No. 1, 1985

In the meadow
    of the forest
Where the wild
    wood thrushes flew
There a seed
    of Osage Orange
Felt the rain and sun
    and grew.

In the city
    of the people
Mid the sound
    of bell & horn
Yet another child
    a boy
Into the world of men
    was born.

Drawing life
    from sun to branch
'Neath its canopy
    of blue
As it was not
Straight and true
    the Osage grew.

In the boy's
    simple manners
Slowly sensing
    ancient ways
Shielded by
    the power of truth
He slipped unfettered
    through the maze.

When at last
    he found the meadow
In an instant
    did he know
Of the power
    that now was his
And from the Osage
    made his bow.

None were counted
    in the number
That he called on
    in his need
For his own back
    he surely clothed
As well his hunger
    did he feed.

When again
    he came among them
And though he sometimes
    lingered there
His simple message
    never varied
His mind as clear
    as meadow air.

by Mark Dickson

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