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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 4 No. 1, 1985

Hand-drill Plugs
by Kurt Folsom

Since it's not always easy to find straight shafts long enough for hand-drill spindles, a plug of soft, pithy wood can be inserted or lashed to the end of a shaft. This enables you to use just a short section of material for the lower end of the spindle, using a long, straight shaft of just about anything else for the rest of the apparatus.

A hardwood plug can be carved on one end thin and shafted to the split end of a wood shaft like an arrowhead, or carved to insert into a pithy stalk. A wooden shaft could be placed into the top of a pithy plug. Cordage might be used to help secure it on and to prevent the plug from splitting.

The use of plugs gives you the best use of materials in a given area as opposed to traveling to find suitable stalks. Plugs are much simpler to carry with you and to keep dry.

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