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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 4 No. 1, 1985

Tom Brown's Field Guide to Living with the Earth
by Tom Brown Jr.

I am happy to announce that the third book in my survival series Field Guide to City and Suburban Survival is out and on the stands. Many people have asked me why I decided to write a book on city survival instead of sticking to the mysteries of the real world. The city book was a great source of concern for many months as I sought justification for its existence; that is, of course, until I found a greater wisdom that seemed to be guiding the book.

The first reason for the book is that most of our population lives in and around cities and so many deaths are caused each year by survival situations found right around our homes. So many people die every year as a result of dehydration, exposure, and many other related survival maladies, that I felt I had to do something. Possibly the book will serve to give people a greater sense of security when the system breaks down and they are cast into a survival situation due to flood, snowstorm, etc., and hopefully, the book will save some lives.

Another reason for the city book is that I felt that it would reach a large group of people that would otherwise not buy the survival or nature books. Here was a golden opportunity to reach out with the philosophy of Earth living and the values of the ancients - my One chance to point a new direction and commitment in life other than the quiet desperation and mediocrity that is part of everyday life.

The fourth book in the series, Living With the Earth, is the greatest spiritual work we have produced yet, outside of The Tracker. I feel that deep inside the skills outlined in the book is the deep underlying philosophy that drives me. The closeness to the earth will enliven all of the other books and clarify some of the deeper philosophies. Brandt and I dumped the coyote in this book and have come through with some straight forward teachings that will be of benefit to all. I feel that this book states the basis of all back to earth philosophy and is quite powerful in its scope and intent.

More good news is that there are another four books yet to come out over the next two years. Out of these four will be the "Vision Quest" spiritual guide that will pick up where the Living With the Earth book left off.

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