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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 4 No. 1, 1985

Intro from Tom Brown
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It has been a long time since our last newsletter, and for a very good reason. I find myself now writing my own books and articles for various magazines during the two busiest years we have ever had. Up until this point, I wanted to discontinue the newsletter because the responsibility on me and my instructors was just too difficult. Since I have to write most of the articles, the limited time has put the newsletter on the back burner. TvIII-1pg01.jpg (10139 bytes)

As you can see, however, I have decided to keep going with the newsletter, but I cannot promise that it will be out on any set schedule. Hopefully, we can get four out a year, but it will depend entirely on you, the subscriber. We need more articles, poetry, artwork, or any other contribution you wish to make. I speak for both my instructors and myself when I state that we are tired of producing the entire newsletter ourselves. I do really want to continue the newsletter because I believe that it provides valuable information for the students who want to go on and advance their skills. Your experiences are just as important to people as mine, and a well-placed article could teach someone what you have learned, or even keep them from making the same mistake you have made.

I am happy to announce that I have just completed the fifth guide in the survival series, entitled Tom Brown's Field Guide to Edible and Medicinal Plants. Not only is it the first book I've written alone, but I believe that it will give you information that you can find in no other book. The scheduled release is November, 1985.

One last note: As of May 1, 1985, we will no longer be at Tracker Farm. We are moving to another location and are waiting for the Great Spirit to choose the place. The address, however, will remain the same. Please keep practicing your skills, for they are the doorway to oneness and the harmony that we all seek so desperately.

I feel that with your support, we will finally be able to make this newsletter a reality and possibly get it out at a more reasonable time schedule.

All Good Medicine

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