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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 3 No. 1, 1st Quarter, 1984

Time and Destination
By Tom Brown, Jr.

Many times I am asked, "What are the biggest roadblocks to awareness and nature observation". Without a doubt, they are time and destination. This is so true. If one can only change these things, he will see and experience things in the natural world that he would never realize were there otherwise.

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I see so many people under the pressures of time and destination when they are in the woods. Even a simple walk can be destroyed by these two things. The simple statement, "I am going for a walk to look for deer", locks a person onto a destination - a destination that will overshadow everything else that the person could have seen and enjoyed if he had just gone out to enjoy everything!


Time is more difficult to deal with because our lives are so tied up with it. We can, however, give ourselves a little edge the next time we go out for a walk. Instead of saying we will be home by dark or another given time, we should figure we can stay out'till we absolutely have to come home. Even though we can't completely break the back of time, we can still modify it enough to get it out of our road.

Time and destination destroy all spontaneity, all wandering. Our lives are so bound up with all the expectations and a time limit for them that we can't live fully in the moment. Confucius once said, to have no expectations is to have everything. I might add that to have no time or destination is the same thing, and brings the same rich rewards.

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