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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 2&3, Spring-Summer 1983

Increasing Awareness
Mike Clinchy

We've just started a game here at the farm that we'd like to share with everyone. Somewhere along the trail from the barn to the house someone places a mark, object, track, something that wasn't there before, something out of place, that can be seen going up or down the trail. As long as it can be plainly seen from the trail, it could be anywhere, on the ground, in the tree tops, in a bush, even something far off the trail as long as it can be easily seen.

We take turns placing the mark or whatever.

What's obvious to some, may not be to others, so keep in mind the awareness level of all who are involved. The object is to help each other's awareness grow, not to do something that will be hidden for a long time.

Something else we're doing which would be good for people who find they have to spend more time indoors, is to get a wide variety of objects such as a feather, toy mouse, toy frog, rock, etc., and keep them in a box. Whoever's turn it is selects an object and puts it somewhere in plain view in areas of the barn frequented by everyone.

The reason for a wide variety of things is that you don't want to be looking for a specific thing each time, which would make you single-minded and inhibit awareness. To know something is out there but not what it is keeps you more receptive.

Hide the objects in a place that is very familiar to you -- your backyard, office, bedroom, etc. You'll be amazed at how fast these places lose their familiarity, and you'll be surprised at how many things you hadn't noticed before in an area you thought you knew. All good medicine!

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