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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 2&3, Spring-Summer 1983

Weasel Walk Exercise
Tom Brown Jr.

One of the exercises I am having my instructors do every day is the walking weasel. This exercise greatly improves balance, improves stalking ability, and builds the ligament/tendon strength of the leg muscles and torso. The best way to describe the weasel walking exercise is to pretend you are sitting in a chair, back straight, thighs at right angles to the shin. Now, in the same position, pretend the chair is not there and you have the general position of the weasel walk exercise. You will have to modify it to maintain your balance by leaning a bit forward and walking on your toes.

Start with something easy such as a fifty yard walk, then increase your distance every day till you have a good half hour of weasel walking. This is about equal to and better than jogging 20 miles each day but takes a lot less time and much more effort. Grandfather used to tie our ankles to a string that was attached to our belt to keep us in that position for several hours or a full day. I know of no other exercise that will build up the strength or endurance of the lower body like the weasel walking exercise.

You will find that when you finally walk upright again you can't help but walk quietly and like a fox, very light on the feet, smooth and flowing in your motion. You will also be able to run further and last longer without many of the maladays that joggers have.

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