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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 2&3, Spring-Summer 1983

Tom Brown Jr.

I am sorry, once again, for the previous newsletter being late. That is the price we had to pay for being understaffed and a bit overworked. Well, we have just taken on four new assistant instructors to help my full-time instructors with the overload and we hope that it will free all of us up to get things done on time.

As you can see, this issue is covering spring and summer. This seems to be the most logical thing to do to catch us up and get us back on the road to prompt publication dates. (This issue only counts as one, however.) In the future, we will try to get the seasonal issues out well in advance of the season.

I just want to thank everyone for bearing with us with the poor publication record and the many changes this newsletter has undergone. As always, we are trying to expand the information and make this newsletter bigger and better all the time. Thank you all, once again.

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