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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 1, Winter 1983

Preparing Yourself to Enter the Natural World
Tom Brown Jr.
As I have said in the past, the more relaxed a person can become, the greater his ability to be aware of his natural surroundings and to feel the inner voices of creation.

One of the ways to capture this feeling and live totally in the now is to use a simple form of meditation to help you keep that totally relaxed mental and physical feeling while living in the natural world.

Before entering the woods, the fields, or any of the natural places, it is good to take a few moments to prepare yourself. Lie down on the ground, take a few deep breaths, and visualize yourself relaxing completely into the earth. Let all cares, worries, tensions, and pains be filtered through your body and into the cleansing power of the soil. Let your breathing become rhythmic, your mind clear from all the tensions and frustrations of the outside world. Dwell on this overall feeling of well-being for a few moments, allowing it to become part of your overall consciousness.

Slowly get back up and walk out from all the outside cares and worries. It is these cares and worries that prevent us from seeing, feeling, or experiencing nature at any level, to the fullest extent of our capability.

From that point of dropping the shackles of society, one should never travel fast or try too hard. This speed is a carryover from the pace we have set for ourselves when living in the unnatural society world, and will not work with the earth.

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