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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 2 No. 1, Winter 1983

Crossley's "Willows" Bends with Ear of the Listener
Naomi Kaplan

Not all of Crossley's songs are about political and religious persecution.

His award-winning "Willows" sounds like a simple, poetic love song, and Crossley said most people hear it that way.

But the song is instead about Christ, and about the "warmth and light" that Crossley said accompanied his rebirth in Christianity.

When the willows cast their lemon haze
across the waking green
Then watch for reflections in my eyes
and live with me a dream,
When the heather sweeps the fragrant bed 
in which we used to lie.
Follow me one more time.
Just to know that you could be there once again
swells a tempest in my soul.
Just to know that you have always really been 
the only one that changed my heart of stone.

[Reprinted from The Express Entertainment Guide, February 20, 1981.]

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