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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 4, Jun-Jul-Aug 1982

He Who Understands

Ralph Panaro, a Senica Indian, is known to all who love him as Ha:oka', meaning "he who understands". Separated from his tribal lands in upstate New York, Ha:oka' now lives in Sweedsboro, New Jersey with his wife Joanne and two children, Joanne and Tina.

Ha:oka' has been a great help here at the farm, both physically and spiritually, contributing his extensive knowledge of Native American arts and philosophy to students. Ha:oka' also heads up and supervises the Native American classes for Tom. Ha:oka' has rejoined the Long House religion of his people and has become active in his clan, trying to preserve the once-dying traditions and beliefs.

Ha:oka' believes strongly in the ancient ways and traditions of the native peoples, feeling that a return to a oneness with Earth Mother will be the saving factor for modern society. He also believes that all people belong to the great family of the Great Spirit and hatred will diminish as mankind reaffirms its commitment to the earth, dropping away the plastic gods and seeking the truths and realities of life.

We here at Tracker Farm have a deep love and respect for this man that shares his love and wisdom in such an intense and loving way.

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