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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 4, Jun-Jul-Aug 1982

Note on the Debris Hut
Tom Brown Jr.

The debris hut is one of the only shelters, in fact I think it is the only shelter known to man, that will keep you warm and comfortable in any situation without a blanket, a sleeping bag or a fire. Of all the hundreds of shelters I have known or studied or lived in, I have not known one, including a house, that will keep a person totally warm without sleeping material or some kind of central fire to keep that shelter warm. Keep this in mind any time that you build a shelter because if you find yourself in an unplanned survival situation where you do not have the luxury of a blanket or a knife or any of the things that will make that survival situation easy, you should look toward the simple leaf hut. It provides safety and warmth like no other shelter can offer.

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