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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 4, Jun-Jul-Aug 1982


The following was written, (plagiarized) during Tom's recent "Advanced Tracking and Nature Observation" course in the Pine Barrens, the night after he stalked and counted coup on a drumming grouse for the first time ever: (apologies to Mason Williams)

Lookat that grouse gooser
    Goosin' them grouse
    Sneakin' thru the woods
Like a tiny mouse.

Goosin' them big grouse,
    Goosin' them tiny,
Goosin' them drummin' grouse
    In they hiney.

Whozat grouse gooser
    Goosin' all around
Rufflin' them ruffled grouse?
    Hey!! It's Tom Brown!

[The class thought you'd like to print it.]

John G. Easterling

Dear Tom and Friends,

I've just finished "The Search" and cried through the last three chapters. Thank you for sharing such sensitivity to the truth. I have had the honor of glimpsing myself during an inipi sweatlodge ceremony with Wallace Black Elk, a Sioux holy man, and now feel it is time to look within by turning outward. I am very interested in attending the Tracker School here in the Pacific Northwest, and I'd appreciate it if you would send me information about it - including a schedule of various classes, the cost, etc.

Thanks again for your beautiful books and the wonderful things you are teaching.

"Metacuye Oyasin" (We are all related)
Bobbie Pulver

Dear Steve, Frank, Laurie, Joe, Shannon & C ....

Short card of greetings and thinking of you all! Thanks to all who wrote in support of college and hope the winter's good to you. We're warm and toasty down here, just watching the antics of the world. Gary Snyder's trip was a gas and you'll hear more of it, I'm sure. Good medicine to all.

Hobart, Australia

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