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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 3, May 1982

Staying Fit
By Tom Brown, Jr.

It is important for the survivalist and the outdoor's person to stay as fit as possible, not allowing himself to get overweight or flabby. It is a good idea to walk or run several miles a day, allowing your body to build endurance.

To the native American, a strong and healthy body was a necessity. Hiking considerable distances with a 90-100 pound backpack on your back, cutting wood daily as we do here on the farm - sometimes a cord of wood a week, weightlifting to keep body tone, and using sweat lodges are great ways of maintaining body tone and balance. Supplement a well balanced diet with as much wild, edible foods as possible.

The more you can push yourself, the more you exercise your body, the more time you spend with the elements, getting as much time outdoors as you can, the better able you will be to go through a survival situation. I also recommend running for great distances - not to the point of collapse, but to the point where you know that your endurance is at its edge. All these things aid in keeping yourself fit so that you can live a richer, fuller life, in or out of a survival situation.

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