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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 3, May 1982

Sun Bear

Sun Bear, or Gheezis Mokwa, is a Chippewa/Metis medicine man. In the native American tradition, a medicine person is one who is a healer and sacred teacher. Sun Bear was born on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, and received his early training from his uncles, who were medicine men. Since then he has studied with teachers, both Native and non-Native, across the country. In Sun Bear's words, "To become a medicine man you need to study with a practicing medicine man and believe in what he does until you learn to walk upon the fire. The medicine I have comes from a long period of time spent working with other medicine people, and from the visions I have had."

Sun Bear taught at the University of California at Davis through the Tecumseh Indian Studies program, although his own formal education ended when he completed the eighth grade. He worked for ten years in Hollywood as a technical consultant to such programs as Bonanza, Brave Eagle and Broken Arrow. He also did acting and stunt work for many movies and television shows.

He lectures throughout the world on his medicine and visions, the Bear Tribe, Native American philosophy and earth awareness.

The earth changes have already begun, Sun Bear feels. It is for this reason that Sun Bear dedicated 80% of his time last year to traveling and teaching throughout the United States and Europe. There is a great hunger to know more about ways people can relate and contribute to the healing of Earth Mother. As more and more people seek out his teachings, he has found he can only be in so many places in one year.

As a solution, Sun Bear shares his vision of the Medicine Wheel Gatherings with us. Last year three were held, and in 1982 four more will be held. These give us the opportunity to come together in a large group to study Native ways and traditions with many medicine people and teachers.

Tom will be participating and speaking at the gathering in New Paltz, New York on September 17, 18 and 19, 1982. For Information, write: The Bear Tribe, P.O. Box 9167, Spokane, WA 99209.

Sun Bear has authored The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology (with Wabun), published in 1980 by Prentice Hall; The Bear Tribe's Self Reliance Book (with Wabun and Nimimosha), 1978, Bear Tribe Publishing; Buffalo Hearts, 1970, Bear Tribe Publishing; At Home in the Wilderness, 1968, Naturegraph Publishers.

See our Tracker wares section to order any of Sun Bear's books.

By Sun Bear and Wabun

"THE MEDICINE WHEEL will become a companion to many who yearn to develop the spiritual meanings of their lives . . ." Adolf Hungry Wolf

Sun Bear, a Chippewa/Metis Medicine Man and his Medicine Helper Wabun, have compiled a system of earth astrology to help guide people not only in their daily lives, but in their life path as well. The book combines Native legends, lore and wisdom with the vision of Sun Bear to help us walk in balance on our Earth Mother.

By Sun Bear

"INDIANLORE FOR LIVING WITH THE LAND: To live with the land means understanding it and the things around you. You must think of yourself as one of the Great Spirit's creatures of the wilderness. The land has no enemies in it. You all share the same earth. You learn to live and blend with nature." (from the introduction)

by Sun Bear

This book expresses the traditions and history of the first Americans as seen through the eyes of a contemporary Native American Medicine Man, Sun Bear. BUFFALO HEARTS gives you information about the struggle of famous Indian leaders, such as Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Geronimo and others, against the white man, as well as information about their religion and culture.

By Sun Bear, Wabun, Nimimosha and the Tribe

A guide for everyone who is interested in returning to the land, The SELF-RELIANCE BOOK contains basic skills for re-establishing a proper relationship with the land and all beings upon it, as well as Native American and New Age philosophies, prophecies and visions. The authors have been living in a land based community for the last decade.

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