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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 2, Feb 1982

Who Knows Where Evil Doer Goes - The Tracker Knows
By Al Moser

It was a dark and misty night. The faint glow of the autumn moon shone through a hazy halo. I was a reserve police officer on a routine patrol. At about 0130 hours the crackle of my radio broke the silence.

A cabbie complaint--customer skipped out on the fare. It was a boring night. All three patrol cars responded to the scene of the crime.

The cab driver gave a vague description of the suspect and pointed across a lawn and down an alley. All other officers spread out to canvass the town. I stayed to ponder the mystery. By then, two more units joined the chase. When the confusion died down and the wails of sirens faded in the distance, I inspected the scene of the crime, using techniques learned from the Tracker. I observed shinings of footprints left in the dewy lawn. I followed these to the alley. Here, I bent down and tilted my hand to the side. The street lights showed up the suspects prints - they matched those on the lawn!

My heart began to pound. I hurried along the alley, following the prints into a parking lot. They seemed to end. I checked where they turned off the alley into the parking lot. No signs. I returned to the last print. It pointed to apartment #1.

I caught my breath and then slowly approached. Alongside the sidewalk leading to the stairs was a near perfect track that matched those I'd been following.

I climbed the steps. There, on the top step was another identical track!

I reached for the door and knocked. It opened and I asked, “May I talk to the man who just ran in here? He forgot to pay his cab fare.” The occupant stared back and answered, "What makes you think anyone else is here?"

"I know he's here! I tracked the suspect from the cab, across the lawn, around the corner and up the asphalt driveway!"

The suspect must have overheard the conversation. Trembling, he came to the door. With a look of disbelief he admitted to the crime.

(Al Moser is one of Tom's Instructors; Al and his family live in Snohomish, Wash.)

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